We are pleased to offer a wide range of body piercings; our piercers are professionally trained and qualified to ensure the highest quality piercing.

We offer a “walk in” policy with piercings meaning no booking is necessary. We offer piercings Thursday through to Monday. Feel free to pop in or give us a call to chat about your piercing or ask any questions.

The age limit for all piercings is 16, if you are under 16 you will need a parent or guardian with you to fill out a consent form.

All piercings are done with a needle, never a gun, piercing guns cause unnecessary trauma to the skin and damage cartilage. Needles are gentle and safer. We offer a basic range of jewellery which is included in the price of all our piercings so there is no hidden costs. Our jewellery is either surgical steel or titanium bought through reputable suppliers in the UK and USA to ensure it is safe in the body. Rest assured our high quality jewellery will not cause irritation or allergic reactions that can be caused by low grade metals and alloys.

All our Jewellery is sterilized in our state of the art digital autoclave.  Our needles are pre sterilized and always single use, these are disposed of straight away in our sharps containers.

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