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Zoe Emily

Zoe has become well known for her delicate fine line work and is known as ‘the floral queen’ due to amount of botanical work she does.
Zoe started her tattoo journey almost by accident when she landed a reception job at a local tattoo studio while she was studying fine art.

However as soon as the owner at the studio discovered that she was an art student they put her skills to good use drawing tattoo designs. This introduction started an obsession with tattoos and opened her eyes to tattooing as an art form and a career in which she could utilise her artistic abilities. Not long after she moved to another studio where she began tattooing full time.

Zoe moved to wellington in 2013 working at skint ink where she worked for three years until the studio closed its doors and she joined us here at Union.

Zoe is a well rounded artist and can lend her hand to most styles, though at the moment she is enjoying tattooing fine linework and detailed pieces, her delicate and sharp fine line work are already becoming popular with our clients.

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turtle tattoo

lavender tattoo

fern tattoo

peony tattoo