Sholto Carr

Sholto has only been tattooing in wellington for the last couple of years, but is already making a mark with his own take on Japanese tattoo designs.

He studied art at the university of Canterbury but didn’t begin his tattoo career until he moved to Auckland with his partner. After deciding to make the commitment to start a tattoo apprenticeship he got a break at Empire tattoo in Auckland, where his tattoo career began. He finished up his apprentiship and started working as a junior artist but when the studio closed its doors Sholto re located to Wellington.

He was here at Union right from day one, helping paint the studio and get the space ready before we moved in. He is a solid all round tattoo artist with a passion in modern Japanese tattooing, his bright and bold classic designs standing the test of time. It has been awesome watching him develop his skills since being at union and we can’t wait to see his work evolve as he takes on more and more large scale japanese work, each tattoo containing his love and devotion to this style.

He still makes regular trips to Auckland to keep pushing his artistic skills and continue working with a constantly varied group of artists.

check out more of sholtos work here ->Sholtos Instagram