JuJu is a very well travelled and experienced artist she has worked as a full time resident artist in both New Zealand and Australia. Activist, artist and earth lover the conversation is always compelling when JuJu is in the shop.


Juju started tattooing whilst simultaneously completing a fine arts degree at Canterbury university in 2011. Whilst her apprenticeship left a lot to be desired, it made her realise the importance of a safe and supportive work environment to both work in and provide for her clients. She found her home at the renowned absolution tattoo, where she was given the encouragement and space to grow, her love for connectivity in the industry blossomed and she began travelling and tattooing around New Zealand and eventually made the move to Melbourne.

She was welcomed in by another family when she was offered a space at the fully queer owned and operated Crucible tattoo. Working with some of the most inspiring and empathetic humans and tattooers. This new inspiration furthered her desire to share and expand in the knowledge of a collaborative and safe environment to support the sacredness in the exchange of trust and human connectedness.

When her motherland called her home in 2020, JuJu answered, she landed as the new kid on the block at Union tattoo. She can’t wait to see new and familiar faces and be inspired by the talented artists working together and feels grateful for everything that has held, pushed and led her to this point.

JuJu mainly does black, tarot and fantasy based tattoos With a mix of finelines with stippled shading, her tattoos are often soft and delicate but can also be dark and robust.

JuJu’s Instagram

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