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NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

We are very pleased and excited to announce we will be attending the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival again this year

Craigy Lee

Craigy Lee is a world-renowned tattoo artist from London, England. He visited wellington for a guest spot in 2011 and then again in 2012, he loved wellington so much the second time he never left!

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Sholto Carr

Sholto has only been tattooing in wellington for the last couple of years, but is already making a mark with his own take on Japanese tattoo designs.

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Timmy G

Tim has been tattooing in Wellington for a good few years now, he started off his tattoo career as an apprentice working at Tattoo Machine in the city centre

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Zoe Emily

Zoe started her tattoo journey almost by accident when she landed a reception job at a local tattoo studio while she was studying fine art.

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